Federal employees, their spouses, children & federal contractors are eligible
$100,000 Accidental Death Insurance
$1,000 per month Accidental Disability Insurance
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Your premiums will stay at the issue age premium and not increase due to age or health.
Male-Ages Monthly Premium Female-Ages Monthly Premium
18-29 $19.25 18-29 $14.63
30-39 $17.75 30-39 $15.35
40-49 $17.23 40-49 $16.65
50-60 $18.59 50-60 $19.00
Rates include total for base policy, Disability Income Rider and the policy fee. Rates in other states, including Florida and Vermont, may vary.
Policy form LT01-E, and Rider Forms I 0827-W and R T29. This policy may contain reductions of benefits, limitations and exclusions. Two-year suicide and incontestability provisions apply. Please click on the policy Info tab above for more information. For complete details of the coverage, please contact Federal Employee Advocates to review the policy.